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Oil & Gas Inspections


We provide innovative Drone Based NDT Inspections allowing customers to improve the quality of their inspections and preserve their assets. Our solutions increase the safety of their workers while cutting inspection costs by performing more thorough and frequent visual inspections for more efficient maintenance planning.


Average cost savings, not including potential lost revenue from downtime


Than traditional methods requiring scaffolding, rope access and shutdowns


Eliminate human risk by sending drones into confined spaces, dangerous or hard-to-reach areas


Oil & Gas - Refinery-1.jpg


Performing the visual inspection of critical production units of petroleum refineries such as Fluid Catalytic Cracking and Cokers.



Collecting close up images underneath a jetty to check its structural integrity as well as the integrity of the piping it carries.

Oil & Gas - Decommisionning and Rehabili

Asset Decomm. / Rehab.

Assessing the extent of damages inside an asset in order to plan for its decommissioning or rehabilitation and evaluate the cost of the operation without putting humans at risk.

Oil & Gas - Offshore Rigs and

Offshore Rig / FPSO

Checking the inside of ballasts and tanks for possible anomalies of the structures on offshore rigs, FPSOs, and drilling ships.



Inspect for corrosion, pitting, rust & leakage. Analyse distribution og natural Gas in pipeline. Monitor ROW.


Chimney / Flarestack

Performing a General Visual Inspection to detect cracks and anomalies on the inside of a sky-high chimney within an oil refinery.

Oil & Gas - Storage Tank-1.jpg

Storage Tank

Looking for cracks and corrosion on rafters, walls, and roof sections of storage tanks during integrity-assessment turnaround, by performing close visual inspection beyond line of sight.

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