Roof & Façade Inspection

A drone with an HD Camera can capture the entire building exterior while giving engineers the ability to take photos from angles that were previously inaccessible, especially for complicated structures.

Our system is capable of detecting various building, façade and rooftop anomalies, including cracks, corrosion and rusting, paint peeling and other defects on different materials such as concrete, cladding, glass, or metallic surfaces.

Internal & External Thermal Inspection

A drone with a thermal camera can identify areas with subsurface moisture and areas of thermal loss.

The thermal image on the left shows moisture which is undetected visually.

Sample Images

Water damage visible mon surface. Thermal image indicates presence of subsurface moisture and seepage.

Visible image shows no symptoms. Thermal image identifies underfloor drain pipes along with leakage

Visible image shows no symptoms. Thermal image shows subsurface water leakage.

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